Credits and Acclamations

The Community:

Thank you for all that have made this website and community possible. Below is a list of some of the more notable contributions that made this place your Guiding Light to All Things Geek.



Thank you Nixie for bringing us all together and being our guiding light to this wonderful community that bridges over cultural, regional, political and religious divides. Here at Geek Beacon, we are united by one true core value that ties us all together - our pursuit of nerdy endeavors.

Beacon Builders:

Since the dawn of OS.ALT 8 years ago and beyond, to the most recent additions of moderators, editors, developers, sysadmins and other nerdy contributors - we could not have done this without you!

Artistic Assets:


Thank you m-bot who was kind enough to create most of the graphic assets that drive this page. The cubes, nerd planets and a variety of different stunning images were all created by him. You can checkout his current project Karenwood. If you'd like to contact him and show him some love you can find him:


Thank you to Shwampy who contributed to the assets that drive geekbeacon as well as other projects in the works to bring glitter and shiny to our little community.