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GeekBeacon is Inclusive. Worldwide. Open-Source. Community. Charitable.

Our Stats & Testimonials

6,000+ Discord Members

300,000 YouTube Subscribers

90,000+ Social Reach

25+ Events

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Our Newest Posts

Episode 2 - Race for 5G, Stadia Slumbers and Games that Finally Got Good


GeekBuzz back in this - now with 3x the geeks! Google Stadia close their doors, 5G rollout in the US is heading our way faster than we thought. Plus, we chat about formerly horrible video games that have had major improvement over the year(s). Thanks for joining the GeekBeacon

Geeky Giveaway - What are your Geeky Passions?


Tell us about yourself on our Discord and what makes you a geek to win one of the below prizes! Prizes: (5 winners)Digital Prizes, cross-platform on Steam7 Days To DieTorchlight 2BioshockGrand Physical PrizesXL Vintage AMD T-shirt​ & Note from Nixie!- (Physical Prize)Gamepad F310 + Skyrim Portable Power Bank

EP1: Surprise! A Wild Nixie Pixel Appears - Storytime


The episode to start them all. It only hurts the first time, right? We will be a more formatted story and news channel from now on, but we had to do storytime for the first one. From broke as a joke Youtuber to Silicon Valley Ambassador to China. Pants stealing

Meet Our Staff

NixiePixel Img

Nicole Allen (NixiePixel)

CEO & Foundation President

Nicole is a tech YouTuber that flourished into a public speaker and media personality on Discovery Channel and TechTV. In 2017, she created her own open source community, GeekBeacon - a fellowship of geeks that share her open source values and dedication toward social good.

NixiePixel Img

Samir Faci (csgeek)

COO & Foundation Vice-President

Samir is a software engineer and co-founder of GB. He’s actively working on various community projects at GB that foster learning, education, and technical growth for the community at large.

NixiePixel Img

Toby Horn (Kankuro)

Community Lead & Foundation Chair

Toby is our Community Leader and Discord Manager. He's been managing communities since 2015 and also helps with various other tasks such as development, HR, and content.

NixiePixel Img

David Adams (Bremaine)

Social Media Manager, Event Coordinator, & Foundation Chair

David is our bonafide social media guru, event coordinator, and partnership liaison. He’s been instrumental in helping the mission of GeekBeacon reach the masses as well as ensuring that community events run without a hitch.

NixiePixel Img

Marcello Lagosh (Zakupilot256)

Partnership Lead

Marcello is an experienced marketing professional with a passion for video games, technology, and geek culture. He works with different industry partners to develop plans towards a common goal that benefits all parties involved.

NixiePixel Img

Christofer Fairbanks (Holler)

Tech Lead & Foundation Chair

Chris is our technical lead, helping to ensure all troubleshooting needs are met at all times. He also enjoys helping with content creation, events, and other areas of GeekBeacon.

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