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Geekbeacon Launches GearUpGeeks - COVID19 Outreach Program

Geekbeacon Launches GearUpGeeks - COVID19 Outreach Program


We have kicked off our "#GearUpGeeks" initiative!It is our mission to provide our fellow community members and those at high risk with the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) they need during this crisis.Most stores nation-wide are completely sold out of all PPE, so GeekBeacon decided to take matters into our own hands....Here's how:

  • Gear Up Geeks!
  • Our community members are 3D printing! We are giving away our printed, medically-approved mask-bands to help with proper fit of your masks.
  • Hopefully Soon: We are currently in the exploratory phase of sourcing an industrial cloth cutter that can rapidly produce the cloth portions of masks.
  • Outreach
  • Posted an official forum post to collect stories, targeting those with asthma, immune disorders or otherwise "high risk" groups
  • We have launched the #covid-outreach channel in our Discord for collaboration and coordination in our efforts
  • Created an outreach and response team where we are reading every story, comment and message request for help.
  • Assemble
  • To combat some coronavirus anxiety, we are hosting events 4 times a week! This includes a Board Game Night, Night, Movie Nights and Daily 24/7 music watching.
  • We also have our our 24/7 Minecraft Server at
  • Our current event calendarAll are welcomed to share how COVID19 has affected their lives, and we're here to support you the best that we can.

We're stronger together!Nixie and The Geek Beacon Family